Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Paranoid Visions - The Triangular EP
Dublin, 1996, Wednesday Works, 7inch + 7inch flexi!

Interesting release here from Paranoid Visions, perhaps they are the only Irish punk band to do a flexi disc?! The first tune is one of the best recordings I have heard of 'Home Sweet Hell', following this is 3 songs recorded live. I decided to leave these songs as one rip as they flow really well together and to rip them apart would destroy a lot of the urgency that comes from the recording, a high quality explosive recording that shows PC at their best, the songs are Newtownism/Asleep At The Wheel/Cycles of Christ. Lastly on the aforementioned flexi we have 4 Cough, a classic for any fans of Jayne County.

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