Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Stick Around - When We Ran E.P.
Galway, 2010, DIY, Download

Excellent ep by this relatively new Galway Pop-Punk band, up-tempo and catchy as fuck! The following is taken from their bandcamp site. "Stick Around are a four-piece diy pop-punk band from Galway, Ireland. Their music blends the passion and dedication of Latterman with the melodic punch of bands like Title Fight and Get Bent. Their lyrics burst with positivity; a celebration of youth, optimism and the simple joys of being alive. Stick Around’s EP When We Ran tells stories of love, hope and growing up. The melodic hooks are plentiful, and the band’s enthusiasm shines brightly through this well-produced record. If you sometimes need a reminder that everything will be OK in the end, maybe you could do with listening to this. - SOS FROM THE WEST"

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