Monday, July 27, 2009

HEAT - ISSUE 1 (July '77)

Heat - Issue 1
Dublin, 1977, Zine

Produced by editors Pete "Nasty" Price and Jude Carr, HEAT was the most professional of all the early Irish punk fanzines until VOX emerged in 1980. The magazine ran for 12 issues ( 9 physical zines - for some reason issue 7,8,9 was all one issue ) and had an ever evolving style and content ranging from music to comics to cinema. The dominant feature of HEAT was it's ability to take the piss throughout it's hand written pages, something which eventually led to being sued by U2's management ( look hard enough and you'll find info on this urban legend!! ). It folded in May 1979 and Pete Price went on to produce the short lived but equally interesting BLACK & WHITE fanzine.- Boz Mugabe

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  1. You absolute L.E.G.E.N.D!! I am seriously so fucking overwhelmed looking over the good work here. I'm listening to The's so hard to find out proper Irish stuff on the web. Absolute gem. Cheers!