Monday, July 13, 2009


V/A - The Dirt Behind The Daydream Vol. 1
Dublin, 1991, FOAD, Tape

Now this is pure gold. Absolute cracker of a compilation from FOAD. The quality of the recordings on this are brilliant, all recorded live or in Sonic Studios. On the tape we have the Blue Babies who I truly wish had recorded more, their song 'Drunken Church' on the second side is a fucking classic. Two tracks from the much loved Ciúnas doing two great speedy shouty hardcorepunk tunes. One of the stand out recordings on the tape in my mind was Sín who come across like the Alternative Tentacles band Iowaska, atmospheric, doomy, desperate sounding stuff. Coitus don't fuck around with two roaring songs, 'Black Bart' particularly rocking form. Some live recordings in Dublin of Decadent Few, and a few numbers form the V.D Crew and Paranoid Visions which takes the second half of this tape in a very hip hop influenced direction! If you don't believe me download it. All tied up on the end with a classic version of 'Look At Me' by PV. Thanks to PA for passing this one on. Also sorry that its a two link download (its over free mediafire limit), so unless someone wants to buy me a mediafire account, it'll have to do!

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  1. Great compilation, listening to it right now! Are there any other Sín recordings around? I can´t find anything. Cheers.