Monday, February 15, 2010


Puget Sound - Hansel and Regretel 7"
Dublin, Late 90's, Rise Above, 7"

Another 7" that has been sorely missed thus far by the blog. This 7" still sounds as fresh and unique to me as it did when I first heard it almost ten years ago! Ska Punk but with a hell of a lot more going on musically than your usual garb. Also I have managed to get a DAT tape of other early Puget recordings, if anyone has anyway of getting DAT to cd/mp3 please get in touch. In regards this rip, I thought the slight hiss might be due to how many times I played this record, unfortunately it was a problem with the pressing in general so I am reliably informed, makes it sound even better in my eyes.

download Puget Sound - Hansel & Regretel 7" via mediafire

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  1. Nice one man. Any chance you could upload the album? Used to have it on tape but lost it years ago. haven't been able to find it since. Cheers.