Thursday, February 25, 2010


Fag Enablerz - S/T Tape
Dublin, 09, DIY, Tape

One of my favourite releases of the past couple of years. Fag Enablerz influences (according to myspace anyway).."The wet meaty thud of thigh against ass...the fresh moist acidity of girl juice on tongue...the titillating rasp of stubble against stubble...the fragrant bleachy pong of fresh cum...the merest enticing whiff of shit...the breathless grunt of cunt on cunt...the frenzied orgy of raging cocks...". Sound wise think the Feederz, Dead Kennedys, Dayglo Abortions and more of that ilk, they even have members named 'Violent Bumfuck' & 'Geoff Goldblum'. Amazing stuff, thanks for Goldblum himself for passing it on

download Fag Enablerz tape via mediafire

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