Friday, May 1, 2009


Stano - Room/Town 7inch
Dublin, 1982, Vox Records. 7inch

The Threat finally ceased to exist in 1981 when Maurice Foley became a Hare Krishna. After the disillusion, Stano began to make more experimental recordings almost immediately, broadening the post-punk field even further... His first single Room / Town 7" was financed by Vox editor Dave Clifford ( who had also designed the Threat sleeve ) in 1982. The sonic scope of these experiments can be loosely compared in retrospect to the work Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis did with dome ( post Wire ) around the same time.

Stano on the single - " My first single ROOM.. I remember meeting people at the time and they had this image of punk and a lot of people were taken aback when my first single was a grand piano and a drum machine and to me that is a real bloody punk single. It still exists on it's own..."

Stano Subsequently recorded a series of albums on Scoff, Dossier and Mother records and continues to make left field experimental music to this day....(Boz)

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  1. Comprehensive history of Stano's musical output here... goes way off the radar of the context of this blog sonically but the ethos is pretty much the same...