Friday, May 22, 2009


Nappyrash - Inbred
Kilkenny, 1997, Fuckface Records, Tape

Ahh Nappyrash, its about time I got some of their stuff up here. Thanks to Lyncher for passing this and the Stagnation on, I managed to get the sound pretty decent from ripping the tape. Nappyrash smacks of the enthusiasm, energy and pure fucking mayehm of teenagers in a world of pure punk rock! However to say that's all Nappyrash were would be a disservice, the songs are far more interesting than your usual sloppy punk fare. The structures of the songs themselves are pretty clever with the really excellent use of samples too. Also the lyrics, you can't really beat them, poking fun at and sharing their frustration with the idiocy that passes for life in alot of Irish country towns. This is simply brilliant, also worth the download alone to hear Thomas Mc's excellent DIRT 'Hiroshima' style high pitched scream on 'Fucking Weirdo'!

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