Friday, October 23, 2009


Moral Crusade - Immoral Condition Demo & 3 Tracks from 'An Act Of Violence' LP
Dublin, 1988-90, DIY, Tape & LP

Classic Dublin Thrash, the first three tracks are from the 1990 'An Act Of Violence' Lp and the rest are from the 1988 'Immoral Condition Demo', excellent stuff sent on by Ratzy, thanks. From the myspace..'MORAL CRUSADE were a Thrash Band from Dublin Ireland formed in 1988. The line up was Pincher -Vocals, Ratzy -Guitar, Mano -Bass, Joe -Drums, Trev -Bass. In '88 we recorded our 1st Demo entitled 'Immoral Condition' shortly after that our Bass player at the time Trev decided to leave the band due to musical differences(he was musical and we were different) So Mano a good friend from our Chromatic Death days took over on Bass and we spent the next months gigging. In late '89 we recorded our 1st and only full length 9 track LP entitled 'An Act Of Violence'. Finally in 1991 after disasterous management, promotion and distribution of the LP the band tired from endless gigging decided to take a break (a long one at that!) but unfortunetly never got back together. Over the years the band has reformed in one shape or another and jammed a few times but due to work and other stupid shit it never really got going again.'

download Moral Crusade Demo & 3 Tracks via mediafire


Killer Watt - Death E.P.
Dublin, 1987, DIY?, 7"

Thrash/Speed Metal from Dublin, thanks to Ratzy for sending this on, taken from the myspace...'Killer Watt were a Speed/Thrash Metal Band From Dublin Ireland. The band was started I think back in 1985 by drummer Steve and bassist Sid who recruited Marcus burns on guitar but in '86 Marcus decided to leave. We rehearsed in the old Temple Lane Studios in Temple Bar Dublin. In 1987 we recorded a 3 track EP which was inspired by The Nightmare on Elm St. movies, the EP also got into the Irish Top 30 chart at the time. After that we went on to proudly play in and get barred from nearly every dump around Dublin and Ireland including wait for it...a tour with Irish heavy rock band Mama's Boys (?? god only knows who had that brainwave) but thankfully we got thrown off the tour after only two dates due to the drunken rabble that turned up each night to see us! Soon after that we decided to add a second guitarist so Derek Sweeney joined, finally that year we appeared on the Irish TV Music Show Mega Mix doing a cover version of the Sex Pistols track Pretty Vacant. In 1988 after on-going disagreements the band decided to split. It was a great and crazy three years and thanx to all who bought the EP and came to the gigs.'

download Killer Watt - Death EP via mediafire


Noise Pollution/Protess - Split E.P.
Dublin/Japan, 1999, MCR Company?, 7"

2 tracks here from Noise Pollution, fast heavy hardcore punk fronted by Mero, on this recording there seems to be a pretty heavy Siege influence which can only be a good thing. One long tune by Japan's Protess on the flipside. Thanks to Sean Protest Zine for sending this on.

download Noise Pollution/Protess Split via mediafire

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Vox Magazine - Issues 2 & 4

Ireland, 1980, DIY, Zine

VOX magazine was launched by "Honest" Dave Clifford in March 1980 and ran for 15 issues. It covered a wide cultural agenda including post-punk, punk, electronic music, experimental music, new wave/pop, performance art and pretty much anything else strange or interesting that fell under the umbrella of leftfield arts. It's consistency, insight, cleancut presentation and existence in ( what is quite obviously in retrospect ) an extremely fertile period of modern musical ideas makes it one of the most important underground magazines ever to come out of Ireland. More issues to follow...(Thanks to Boz for sending these on)


Various - Boneass Compilation Vol. 2
Various, 200?, DIY, CD

The 2nd of the Boneass Comps featuring bands from Ireland and abroad. Irish bands included are Crookie Fix, Margin Of Error, Backhanders, Already Dead, Foot In Mouth, Kidd Blunt, Soldiers Take Half and many more. Thanks to Bob for sending this and Fiddlesticks to me.


Fiddlesticks - Our Own Design E.P
Dublin, 200?, DIY, CD

Excellent 7 track e.p here from Fiddlesticks. Coming across equal parts Propaghandi, NOFX and with a smattering of bay area punk rock ala Crimpshrine.

download Fiddlesticks - Our Own Design EP via mediafire