Friday, May 22, 2009


Nappyrash - Inbred
Kilkenny, 1997, Fuckface Records, Tape

Ahh Nappyrash, its about time I got some of their stuff up here. Thanks to Lyncher for passing this and the Stagnation on, I managed to get the sound pretty decent from ripping the tape. Nappyrash smacks of the enthusiasm, energy and pure fucking mayehm of teenagers in a world of pure punk rock! However to say that's all Nappyrash were would be a disservice, the songs are far more interesting than your usual sloppy punk fare. The structures of the songs themselves are pretty clever with the really excellent use of samples too. Also the lyrics, you can't really beat them, poking fun at and sharing their frustration with the idiocy that passes for life in alot of Irish country towns. This is simply brilliant, also worth the download alone to hear Thomas Mc's excellent DIRT 'Hiroshima' style high pitched scream on 'Fucking Weirdo'!


Stagnation - Pure Dekay
Dublin, 1997, Resented Records, Tape

This stuff is quite different in many ways than the Stagnation stuff that was upped here before. These recordings have a pretty big sound with the keyboards and extra percussion used to full effect. With obvious death metal, crust and Killing Joke influences(I use them far too much in comparisons. Stagnation managed to create an air of real desperation, frustration and brutality mixed in with tripped out sections of dark dark atmospheric music.


Chromatic Death - Hoodycore Demo
Dublin, 1987, DIY, Tape

Okay here's hoping that the people invovled with Chromatic Death won't mind too much me putting this up here, if anyone has any objections do let me know and I'll take it down. I just had to put up this excellent rip that was passed on to me. Check out a retrospective myspace here
Taken from the myspace, "CHROMATIC DEATH were a Hardcore Band from Dublin Ireland formed in 1987. The line up was the same as Moral Crusade but band came prior. In early '87 we recorded a 10 track Demo entitled 'Hoodycore' this was to be our only recording as Chromatic Death."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Underfoot - 'A Selection' of Various Recordings
Dublin, 1995/96, Vraious Recordings

"Underfoot formed in the summer of 1995.Played with nofx when they were good.Nofx that is,not underfoot.First band since Paranoid Visions to be barred from the Attic.That’s what the landlord told them anyway.Took a planned 6 month break in the summer of 96 and it’s more or less still a break.So never really split up I suppose!!!Members went on to be in bands such as Death Race,Sir Killalot,Holemasters and most recently Razortown". Thanks a million to Liamo for sending this one on.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Not Our World - LIve At Trinity Nov 89
Dublin, 1989, Unreleased Tape

Another live set from the brilliant Not Our World. From what I've heard and seen the influence of this band on the Dublin punk scene of the late 80's was immense. Here are 13 tracks of amazing pure punk, catchy as fuck songs, the riff in 'Big Long Song' is so good its unreal. Throughout a lot of their stuff I can see a WIRE influence in the guitar playing and perhaps a fair whack of The Clash also. The bass playing and drumming are impeccably intertwined also, and sure there is even a great Blondie 'Call Me' cover thrown in for good measure. Thanks to the person who sent on this recording to me, did my best to clean up the sound and so on. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Vipers - I've Got You/No Such Thing 7inch
Dublin, 1978, Mulligan, 7"

Another excellent one from Boz! 'The Vipers were a band formed in Dublin in 1977 directly in the wake of the Boomtown Rats and The Radiators from Space. One of the 4 piece's first gigs was the Radiators organised 5 band punk festival at UCD along with The Undertones, Revolver & The Gamblers. After initial line-up shuffles, The band's intensive rehearsals paid off with an ever increasing local following and a deal for a single with Mulligan Records. By the end of 1978 they had released their excellent single I've Got You / No Such Thing, which remains a gem of naive 70's pop punk, & provided English tour support for lablemates the Boomtown Rats along with Several dates in Ireland supporting the Jam ( Paul Weller was also a fan ).

From Hot Press late '78 " Probably making more prestigious strides than any other local band in 1978, The Vipers - boasting a new improved, streamlined line-up - Finally look set to fulfill the potential which they've displayed - If erratically - in the past. A fine single on Mulligan and a successful British tour supporting the Rats will have garnered for them the much needed experience and attendant confidence. The likelihood is that '79 will bear witness to more important and far reaching developments "

By 1979, they had, like many other bands absconded to London to seek fame and fortune, recording a peel session & demos for Virgin records. Later in the year toured with Thin Lizzy ( Philo had also extended a similar helping hand to The Rats, the Radiators and Protex ) as well as playing their own UK gigs, but the all important album deal fell through and by 1980 the band had split and returned to Dublin. One other track, TAKE ME appeared on a 7" EP called ROOM TO MOVE ( along with the Outcasts, Shock Treatment and Big Self - EG records 1980 )'

Monday, May 4, 2009


Search & Destroy - Watchdogs / Problem Child 7"
Dublin, 1987, Comet Records, 7"

Ripped and Written about by Boz 'Search & Destroy were spawned
from older Dublin Bands Ministry of Youth and Napalm Sunday,
and as their name would suggest, went for a more garage-y punk
sound. Their one single Watchdogs / Problem Child was released in
1987 by Comet Records. The A side was a
studio recording and the
B side was recorded live in JJ's on Aungier
Street - see attached flyer
( during a gig with Paranoid Visions - who
also released live
recordings from the same day on the flipside of a
number of EP's ).
This was supposed to be followed by an album called
A STONE, probably also for Comet but this never transpired.
further track MY LIFE surfaced on a comet cassette
compilation in

Friday, May 1, 2009


The Threat - High Cost Of Living / Lullaby in C 7"
Dublin, 1981, Web Records, 7inch

The next three 7" have all been kindly sent along by Boz (without whom this blog wouldn't be half as good.) and as he says himself it's a good way of tracing the first progression of the Dublin Punk Underground way back when. The descriptions for the next 3 7"'s are by Boz,

"The Threat ('78-'81) was one of the first authentic local post-punk
bands that didn't have bar rock roots or power pop aspirations.
Their name is synonymous with the Dandelion market and crops
up as a footnote in much ofU2's folklore of the era. Their one
single, High Cost of Living / Lullaby In C commanded a brooding
PIL/Wire tone and a tribal fan base, casting an influence on many
subsequent bands from My Bloody Valentine to Napalm Sunday
to Paranoid Visions ( who resurrected and reworked HIGH COST
OF LIVING recently ). 2000 copies were pressed. The story of
The Threat was covered in detail in a feature that was originally
published in RIOT 77 magazine a couple of years back - the same
article can be found here...

The original line-up of core member Maurice Foley, bassist Larry
Murphy and drummer Paul Monahan ground to a halt after 2 gigs
when violence marred a trip to Dundalk. Murphy and Monahan
departed to form Chant Chant Chant ('80-'82) and The Threat
continued with bassist Deirdre Creed from the Boyscoutz
( Ireland's first all girl punk band ) and a drummer called Longer
( replaced by Ken Mahon from DC Nein for the recording of the
single ), and notably, the addition of Stano on synth which
broadened their possibilities significantly."


Chant Chant Chant - Quicksand / Play Safe 7"
Dublin, 1981, Peig The Man, 7inch

Chant Chant Chant meanwhile developed a quirky and striking sound, reminiscent in places of The Birthday Party and Gang Of Four, punctuated prominently by Larry Murphy's unique bass playing. Part of the rhythm heavy feel was due to the fact that guitarist Robbie Wogan worked in England during weekdays and returned to Dublin to gig and practice at weekends, filling guitar parts into previously worked material!! The band gigged regularly and played several high profile supports ( The Fall in Cork & the infamous 4 BE 2's charade in the Trinity JCR amongst them ) making their first vinyl appearance with a track called "What Do You Know" on the Boddis EP, side by side with the peridots, Big Self and The Departure. This was followed in 1981 by their only other recorded work, the excellent Quicksand / Play Safe 7" on their own Peig The Man label. 500 copies were pressed. The band dissolved in 1982. Paul Monahan currently records electronics under the moniker M101 (here).

VOX fanzine issue 7 - review of the Chant Chant Chant single -
" Confident and upfront drumming , driving bass and scratchy but accessible guitar dominates this, their first single. The vocals in places sound a little like Andy Partridge. It was recorded in November 1980 but judging by the recent session they did for RTE they certainly have progressed. This is one of the better Irish singles for a while "


Stano - Room/Town 7inch
Dublin, 1982, Vox Records. 7inch

The Threat finally ceased to exist in 1981 when Maurice Foley became a Hare Krishna. After the disillusion, Stano began to make more experimental recordings almost immediately, broadening the post-punk field even further... His first single Room / Town 7" was financed by Vox editor Dave Clifford ( who had also designed the Threat sleeve ) in 1982. The sonic scope of these experiments can be loosely compared in retrospect to the work Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis did with dome ( post Wire ) around the same time.

Stano on the single - " My first single ROOM.. I remember meeting people at the time and they had this image of punk and a lot of people were taken aback when my first single was a grand piano and a drum machine and to me that is a real bloody punk single. It still exists on it's own..."

Stano Subsequently recorded a series of albums on Scoff, Dossier and Mother records and continues to make left field experimental music to this day....(Boz)


Stress - Live At The Warzone 2002
Dublin, 2002, Not released

Great live recording of arguably the best Stress Line-up during the band's few years. With Suzanne, Derenzy & Dunchy being added. Brillaitn, raging, crust-punk