Thursday, April 29, 2010


The Tearjerkers - Sessions Bootleg Version
Belfast/Portadown, 1979-82, Unreleased

My final Tearjerkers related upload, thanks to Paul Mc yet again for this selection of various radio and studio sessions, from the Grinning Soul Blog "In 1979 the Tearjerkers where enjoying good success with the single Murder Mystery doing well on both the radio and in the charts both in the UK and in Europe, thoughts turned towards recording follow up singles and an album. The TJ's booked time in Parkgate Studio in Sussex, England and recorded 3 new songs 'Comic Book Heroes', 'Fingers' and 'Can't You See' these track where not released at the time for various reason but did see a release in America on the Mercury label. Other recording sessions in London's Radio Luxembourg Studio's with Laurence Juber and in Belfast's Downtown Studio's yielded this collection of songs which where being considered for release in 1980 but plans were shelved due to the band splitting for the first time. The Tearjerkers Sessions contains studio versions the Tearjerkers 1979 set with the exception of some of the early stage favourites which can be heard on the Good Vibes Years album. This album is also available with a slightly different track listing and album art on itunes."


Crude And Snyde - Demo + 2
Drogheda, Late 80's, DIY, Tape

Demo and two practice songs from the excellent Crude And Snyde from Drogheda. Classic anarcho punk rock with a hefty dose of attitude. If anyone can send on a cover scan of this for me I'd be delighted. Thanks to George for ripping this and upping it to his blog

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Tearjerkers - Peel Sessions
Belfast/Portadown, 1979, Unreleased

More classic pop punk gems and a Peel Session to boot! Excellent. From Grinning Soul Blog, "Belfast's Tearjerkers recorded two sessions for BBC Radio One's John Peel show back in 1979. The first session was actually recorded for a local radio station DowntownRadio and was recorded in their well equipped recording studio in Newtownards and the second session was recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale studios in London. The tracks contained on both sessions were stage favourites such as Murder Mystery, Dressing Up and Comic Book Heroes. This collection features good audio quality and has John Peel introducing each song."


Etc Etc - Downtown Sessions
Belfast, 1980-82, Blue Rhythm, Tape & Unreleased

Yet again thanks to Paul McIlwaine for allowing me to up this to me blog and takne from his excellent Grinning Soul Blog. This is a collection of sessions for Downtown Radio, and I've been listening to this nonstop since I got my hands on it, worth it for 'Voice Of A Nation' alone, download it and you'll see what I mean :) The following blurb comes from Paul Mc, "Etc Etc where formed by Paul Maxwell lead singer of the Tearjerkers and Paul McIlwaine Guitar. While the Tearjerkers where a pure power pop outfit Etc's veered towards a more arty form of pop and featured the synthesizer of art student Stephen Mallaghan. Gregg Lindsey also from the later day line-up Tearjerkers played drums with Joe Sharpe on Bass guitar.

The band played live continually between 1980 and 1981 and recorded several sessions for Belfast's Downtown Radio station which where then released via the Blue Rhythm Label in Belfast and Portadown."


excellent flyer by Thomas Mc (Nappyrash, Freebooters)
If anyone else is interested in doing a flyer let me know.


Putrefaction - Destroyers Tape
Dublin, 2007, DIY, Tape

Excellent, heavy as fuck, unrelenting crust punk with the obvious classic sepultura influence (always a good thing in my mind). One of my favourite Irish bands of the past couple of years, thanks to Donal for sending it on.


The Idiots - Self Titled Tape
Dublin, Late 90's, DIY, Tape

I believe this band were around during the time of the Attic, couldn't find much info online about them. The first couple of songs are dark, brooding tunes with ethereal sounding vocal, the tempo picks up on the second half of the tape and the songs become more discordant and noisy but still holding the same floaty/dreamlike vibe! Thanks to Anto Loserdom for passing this on.

Friday, April 23, 2010


The Waltons - Self Titled Tape
Dublin, Late 90's, DIY, Tape

I used the following sentence to describe The Waltons before, "spazzy, edgy, driven, dark, ominous fucking rock!" That still works for me. I count it as a personal tragedy that I never got to see these guys live. I remember I first heard the Waltons on a Brotherhood Of One Zine Sampler cd around 1996 and it blew my fucking mind at the time, had never heard anything which sounded so intense and immediate in its own peculiar way before. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks to Anto Loserdom for passing this on to me.

Monday, April 19, 2010


The Tearjerkers - Love Affair / The Good Vibes Days 1978-1979
Portadown/Belfast, 1978-1979, Mostly Unreleased

Thanks a million to Paul McIlwaine of the Tearjerkers for letting me up the following from his Grinning Soul Blog. It should be noted that The Tearjerkers retrospectively released the 'Comic Book Heroes' LP in 2008, available via itunes. Anyway the following are the words of Paul from his blog in relation to this download, "This is a rare treat for anyone who saw the Tearjerkers live especially in the first couple of years. This collection features songs recorded for Belfast's Good Vibes Label. We recorded 4 songs in Keystone Studio's in Dublin's Harcourt Street. two of these songs ended up as our first single for Good Vibes i.e. Love Affair and Bus Stop. This single was remarkable because of its stand-out cartoon gate-fold sleeve. The song Bus Stop was written by Paul & Howard and was played as part of the Detonators set back in 1977. The other songs from this session that where considered for a second release and are 'Don't Blame Me' and 'Chit Chat'. The rest of this collection are studio recordings made in Belfast around this time. These tracks where featured on local radio station both in Northern and Southern Ireland and even BBC's John Peel picked up on several of these raw recordings prior to the release of the Murder Mystery single on Phonogram."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Easpa Measa/Nemetona - Split 7"
Dublin/Japan, 2005, Acclaim, 7"

Now out of print split 7" with two tunes from Easpa Measa. Punishing crust from Easpa Measa and more distorted screamy curst from the Japanese. It should also be noted that the split 12" Easpa Measa/Silence is still available from the excellent Sadness of Noise label run by Skubi, now with 'the recession' © more than ever this is the time to get out and buy stuff from local distros and support local punk rock.


Moutpiece - Live At The Vera Groningen
Dublin, 2004, Gig Recording

Thanks to the Moutpiece lads for letting me put this up on the blog. If you know anything about Irish Underground music and you haven't heard of Moutpiece there is something seriously amiss. One of the best Irish bands of the past ten years, excellent live and with songs that pack a punch. I once described Moutpiece as if Rory Gallagher had drank less whiskey and instead hung around the alley with some punks taking speed, and this is neither a disservice to Moutpiece or the man Gallagher himself. Just download it already! And as far as I know their album is still available.


Easpa Measa - Renounce & Dethrone Demo
Dublin, 2004, DIY, CD

This Easpa Measa stuff has been available elsewhere online for a while now but thought it best to pop it up here for anyone who hasn't heard of them. Easpa Measa have been going 10 years or so now and although gigs are sporadic at this point it doesn't stop them from being a punishing live band. Dual vocalled crust with poignant lyrics, they have a split 12" out now with other Irish crusties Divisions Ruin, buy one.


Frustration - Demo
Dublin, 2008, DIY, CD

Crushing and riff heavy modern hardcore from the Frustration boys here, excellent vocals and constantly changing and evolving songs makes this one solid demo, these guys also have a 7" out, do the right thing and buy one!