Friday, October 23, 2009


Killer Watt - Death E.P.
Dublin, 1987, DIY?, 7"

Thrash/Speed Metal from Dublin, thanks to Ratzy for sending this on, taken from the myspace...'Killer Watt were a Speed/Thrash Metal Band From Dublin Ireland. The band was started I think back in 1985 by drummer Steve and bassist Sid who recruited Marcus burns on guitar but in '86 Marcus decided to leave. We rehearsed in the old Temple Lane Studios in Temple Bar Dublin. In 1987 we recorded a 3 track EP which was inspired by The Nightmare on Elm St. movies, the EP also got into the Irish Top 30 chart at the time. After that we went on to proudly play in and get barred from nearly every dump around Dublin and Ireland including wait for it...a tour with Irish heavy rock band Mama's Boys (?? god only knows who had that brainwave) but thankfully we got thrown off the tour after only two dates due to the drunken rabble that turned up each night to see us! Soon after that we decided to add a second guitarist so Derek Sweeney joined, finally that year we appeared on the Irish TV Music Show Mega Mix doing a cover version of the Sex Pistols track Pretty Vacant. In 1988 after on-going disagreements the band decided to split. It was a great and crazy three years and thanx to all who bought the EP and came to the gigs.'

download Killer Watt - Death EP via mediafire


  1. Have the 12" inch at home in the attic. There was a good deal of publicity about them when the EP was released.
    At the time I thought it was pretty good. Had a listen around a year ago... it sounds a bit dated... mind you I've dated a good deal too.

  2. Yeah it was a 12" released by Tommy Tighe in the Sound Cellar. Sid, who worked there for most of the 90's, played guitar in the band.

    Haven't heard this record since the early 90's!

  3. AJ if you have the 12" handy email me at

  4. This 12" came out on Raglan Records a sub of Polydor in 1987. Tommy Tighe was their manager & Sid was the bass guitarist.

  5. The band continued with Smiley Moran, a Dub and Cork members Macker, Drums and Jon Bullman, Guitar for about 18 months. Mack and Bullman went on to form Cork Trash band Kemikill. Macker still plays original 80,s style trash with Flatline and drums for Langer 18 the Megadeth tribute band. Check out Langer in The Pint in Dublin soon...