Monday, July 5, 2010


DC Nien - Nightclub/Things Japanese 7"
Dublin, 1980, Nineteeneightease Records, 7"

Delighted to get my hands on these songs, DC Nien were part of the initial punk movement in Ireland, and were considered one of the bigger bands of the time along with U2 and The Atrix. Really unusual, well structured first wave punk rock, with the addition of sax and synths and at least now I know that the name came from the area where the band were from, Dublin 9!


  1. Yes, just to fill you in on where the band were from and where they first rehearsed. I happened to be one of the original members at the time. I called myself Kilipstein (a name I invented for a gig supporting U2, then called 'The Hype'and The Virgin Prunes with Steve Rapid's 'Modern Heirs'. There was Ken Mahon on drums, Brian Sheils Bass, Damien Gunn on Alto sax and Paul McGuinness, Lead guitar practiced in a small cottage beside Dublin Airport mostly. Songs at this embrionic stage included Black Jet and Ken Mahons Living At Risk. I sang with the band and experimented with saxophone and wrote a song for the band called 'I am a camera'. I had previously played and wrote songs in a band called Aisling with Phil Chevron. We were in our teens and also a Pop band called The Jangles. Later with the Radiors from Space I was their sound engineer at Toners and appeared on a backing track teenager in Love at Windmill Lane Studios. It was all good fun. Damian Brian Paul and myself came from Santry and Ken from Whitehall. I am also responsible for giving the Atrix their name.

  2. Hi

    I have been trying to hunt down Nightclub for years. Anybody know where I can get a copy? A big wave of nostalgia hit me like a funeral there when I read about "The Modern Heirs" too. I'm swimming up with tears. Please help me find DC Nein! Twitter @TheLiminaTOR