Monday, December 20, 2010


Various - Northern Exposure Bootleg Vol1-3 (just the songs)
Northern Ireland, late 70's, Bootleg, Tape

Absolute gem of a find here by mr bat29 yet again. This series of three tapes covers a lot of the late 70's NI punk scene, it originally had live songs, demos and interviews but has been cut to just the songs by the good Mr bat! 27 rare tracks and demos from the likes of Rudi, Protex, Outcasts amongst a whole host of others, this is a deadly little find, been listening to it non stop of late. Download it!


  1. There were other songs on those tapes but 27 is all that would fit on one 80 minute CD-R and so I picked out the rarest and most interesting. If you are interested I might be able to track down the complete three volumes with all the interview stuff. I think a lot of the interview stuff was from the film about Punk in Northern Ireland, though.

    For some Irish Punk zines look here:

  2. I'd love to hear the full version,with interviews.

  3. Oh well now, this is just like an early birthday present! What a find -great stuff - Thanks!