Monday, January 4, 2010


Skint - 7"s Of Noize...
Dublin, 1997?, Walzwerk Records, 7"

Finally got some Skint up on the blog! I count myself pretty fortunate that I got to see Skint a fair few times in the Temple, Dorset Street around 00'. Great live band with some of the catchiest oi/streetpunk tunes to be written by an Irish band. 3 tracks here, 'Remember The Days' is one that'll stick in your head for days after just one listen. I'm not sure what other Irish stuff Walzwerk put out, I recall getting their mail order list in the late nineties, they carried a massive amount stuff on a distro and label that seemingly was run between Germany and also Co. Kerry!

download Skint 7"s of Noize.. via mediafire

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  1. This is fairly rare now I think, which doesn't make it any good either! The two lps " In the Firing Line" & " From the Bottom of a Glass" are much better, both released on Walzwerk. The production on this is non-existant and in retrospect we should've just recorded straight onto a tape recorder, couldn't sounded any worse! Although on saying that , the spirit is certainly there!