Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Golden Mile - Discography

Belfast, 1993-95, Various

The blog is back! Haven't been able to post over the past while, moving house is one hell of a pain in the bollox and left me with boxes and boxes of stuff to rip! :) Anyway thanks to Martin (check out the Swedish Nurse blog here) for sending on this discography of the excellent Golden Mile from Belfast. This band started in the early nineties and garnered a strong reputation both in Ireland and across the water in England. The Golden Mile featured some of (in my opinion) of the strongest vocals on an Irish release ever which grow in intensity and edginess with the music. There is something about their sound that reminds me of bands like Moss Icon, brilliant stuff altogether. The songs on this discog are in reverse chronological order and are as follows.

Track 1: On Che Records com 2x7" w/ merzbow, The Delgados, Bis (Recorded Aug '95)

Tracks 2-5: 'Blowing Hot and Gold' 7" EP (the song 'Answers' was not on the EP, Recorded Jul '94)

Tracks 6-10 Demo, September '93

Tracks 11-17 Demo, June '93

18-20 Filler!

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  1. Super stuff, thanks. Do you have a full track list for this please?