Sunday, August 30, 2009


Various - 'Bone-Ass' Coolie Tunes CD

Wicklow, 2003, Goozer, CD

The second of these diy compilations that came out at the height of the deadly Kilcoole gig madness. Maybe it was seeing Kidd Blunt play their last ever gig last week that has made me nostalgic for so much that has come out of the village also known as Glenroe. This compilation is truly unusual, the first few tracks being straight ahead numbers from No Compliance, Scared Shitless, Kidd Blunt, Foot In Mouth & Old Man Eoin and the second half being a rake of various tunes ranging from hip-hop to dub, the outstanding track being 'Scummer's Blues' by Luke's Duke!

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  1. Ah legend, I've been trying to track down one of these for quite a while