Sunday, August 30, 2009


Various - Distorted For Life, Disgusted Til Death CD
Various, 2007/8, DIY, CD

The tagline for this cd is 'A DIY punk compilation from Scum Island', that kinda says it all. This excellent comp put out by Eric (Easpa Measa/Two Headed Dog/Cotton Fist Zine etc) about 2 years ago features some of the best crust/d-beat that has come out of Ireland over the past 5 years. This cd came free with an issue of 'Two Headed Dog' fanzine and I'm unsure if Eric is still selling these however knowing the sound lad that he is I'm sure he'll be glad to see it online. So there are two or three numbers here from the following Still Birth (Belfast), Carosah (Dublin/Wicklow), Putrefaction (Dublin) and Divisions Ruin (Wicklow). The cd and inlay are beautifully put together and are a credit to the saying that 'DIY is not an excuse' for shoddy substandard releases.

download VA Distorted For Life, Disgusted Til Death via mediafire

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