Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Idiots - Self Titled Tape
Dublin, Late 90's, DIY, Tape

I believe this band were around during the time of the Attic, couldn't find much info online about them. The first couple of songs are dark, brooding tunes with ethereal sounding vocal, the tempo picks up on the second half of the tape and the songs become more discordant and noisy but still holding the same floaty/dreamlike vibe! Thanks to Anto Loserdom for passing this on.


  1. Hey this is great.

    I'm from Lucan and was on the fringes of the Attic and Hope Collective scenes back in the 90s. I also was a DJ on the decidedly amateurish RadioActive 95.5FM.

    I knew the members of Pincher Martin pretty well. The guys from Arnheim went to my school.

    I live in San Francisco now but will hopefully make it home in the summer. I'll try digging out some of the old demos and singles. I probably have some flyers lying around the place too.

    If you care to check it out I write a blog with my musings on music and growing up in Lucan.



  2. Hi
    Just thought you might like this post


    It's The Idiots only "proper" release.

    Paul (not the same guy as above)