Friday, April 23, 2010


The Waltons - Self Titled Tape
Dublin, Late 90's, DIY, Tape

I used the following sentence to describe The Waltons before, "spazzy, edgy, driven, dark, ominous fucking rock!" That still works for me. I count it as a personal tragedy that I never got to see these guys live. I remember I first heard the Waltons on a Brotherhood Of One Zine Sampler cd around 1996 and it blew my fucking mind at the time, had never heard anything which sounded so intense and immediate in its own peculiar way before. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks to Anto Loserdom for passing this on to me.

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  1. Holy Shit! Feels like a life time ago I drew that waltons tape cover, but at the same time I clearly remember drawing it with a blue bic pen and copying the text from a ripleys believe it or not guide I found on a family trip to niagra falls. Very funny to see again. Must have been 14 or something. Thanks a lot for taking the time to find this stuff and put it up. You made an old man very happy.