Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Good Lads - Beer & Sex & Chips n Curry 7"
Wicklow & USA?, 2000, No Pride Records, 7inch

Now this is an odd one! Not really a hundred percent sure what the story was with this band, in the mid to late nineties I used to write to a guy in Wicklow called King Slug,he ran No Pride Records and I think he may have been in the Bloody Mutants too. I picked up this Macc Lads-esque pub-rock 7" off him when it came out. Never was sure if this was a band he did with some guys in the states or what the stoyr was with them at all, as its recorded in San Francisco, but fuckit cause it contains members of The Bloody Mutants and it's one of the more unusual Irish 7"s! Sory about the shit all over the cover of the record scan, got covered in beer ironically in the Milltown house :( So if anyone has anymore info or can set me straight on this band please comment!

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  1. "Suh-hup oh-hoh-honnn..."

  2. This 7" was the result of a visit to San Francisco by various revolving members of the Bloody Mutants in '99. One of the guitarists was living there. the line up for this was:
    bundy: drums
    Shep: bass
    H 57: guitar
    King Slug: vocals

    Kind of impromptu - i think it started out as wanting to do a Macc Lads song for an upcoming tribute called "Covered by Crap" which finally came out a couple of years ago. 4 macc Lads songs were sketchily learned, practiced and recorded in 1 week, along with 3 originals and a misfits cover. Turns out no one could play the kazoo very well and its horribly out of tune throughout. This was actually recorded by a guy named Randy Burk, we did not make that up.
    One of the originals "Sup On" came out on the TKO compilation punch drunk III. The others are unreleased.

  3. I have a promo copy of Covered By Crap, I honestly thought that I had the only one.