Wednesday, March 4, 2009


VA - Out Of The Trees
Dublin, 1989, Tape, DIY

Now this one hell of a compilation! Not purely Irish but featuring 4 local bands. 3 songs from possibly the greatest Irish Punk Band Ever 'Pink Turds In Space' from Belfast, Dublin's own Crust as Fuck 'Killercrust' provide six unrelenting tracks including the brilliantly titled 'Napalm Paisley', 3 rockin grimey punk numbers from '3 Ring Psychosis' (Dublin) and perhaps the find of the tape for me 'Crude & Snyde' from Drogheda! Yes it is a great name, and the two tracks from here are absolute punk gems, seriously all good punk should sound as snotty as this, if after listening to these two tracks your not kicking over your table and spitting at your mates you just aren't punk! Alongside the Irish stuff is Sic from Japan, Inhuman Conditions and Bad Attitude from Germany, Kolerat and Krull from France, 7 Minutes Of Nausea and No Control from Australia, Lethal Dose from USA, & 16 B.U.H from Sweden. Thanks a million to Boz for this tape.

download via mediafire

CRUDE & SNYDE - Don't Conform by diyirishhcpunkarchive


  1. Amazingly, out of all these bands, 7 Minutes Of Nausea still leads a fruitful existence!!!!

  2. Delighted to come across this, oh the memories... still have the masters for this somewhere. Tanx for the kind words.Dee

  3. Thats funny cause i got that tape for my distro and it was a trade with one of my compilations out on AOD Tapes.It was an excellent release.
    Congratulations for this excellent blog giving us a better insight on the Irish scene.

    DEE --> we used to be in touch i think.If you have released that tape so sure it was the case.

  4. Yeah, I compiled & released it alright - even took the photo of the trees out in the Phoenix Park after a storm. It originally came with a booklet - a page of artwork/lrics/etc. provided by each band. I sold it @ gigs - Keady with Pink Turds, CIE hall with Crude & Snyde and more, Women's centre Belfast, mc Gonigles, etc. and paid for a couple of ads in Maximum Rock n'Roll. Heady days... Anonymous - who are ya? ;)
    BTW blog is excellent some fantastic tunes. Dee

  5. Dee....Yes i remember...for sure we have been in touch in the past.I got that tape with booklet from you.Do you remember...Jimmy from A.O.D
    Sorry for taking so long to write back....
    Hope to hear from you.