Monday, March 9, 2009


The Kabinboy - S/T 7"
Belfast, 1998, Greyslate Records, 7"

Always feel incredibly happy that I got to see these lot a few times before they called it a day. Amazing total rockin, stonery, sludgey, fuckin raucous rock! As heavy and swingin as a demolition ball tied to an elephant.

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  1. Trivia:
    This was a headache. Ricky printed all the photos for the insert himself. All 400. He probably sees that image to this day when he closes his eyes. The photo itself is of the hospital in belfast on the lisburn road. the photos then had to be mounted onto the insert,so the holes had to be cut on each one,and the cover itself had to be stamped with the band name. We were originally gonna cut the holes in the cover by hand but opted to get them cut by a printer who then took forever to do it. Then we had to add the spindle adaptors to each record. And ,the records had to be put into black inner bags instead of the white ones they came in. A costly release by all means.
    I'd say it would be hard enough to come by now as we were playing in england a lot and quite a few were sold there and even through europe on the first tour. It did take a while to sell throught though.
    The same two songs appeared on the "Live in Ireland" cd put out by Rejected. Recorded about a week apart or so but obviously live.