Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Pincher Martin - Demo 93' (& Bonus Track)
Dublin, 1993, Tape, DIY
A band I'd heard a lot about over the years but was never forutnate to hear until now! Thanks to Boz for sending this demo in plus bonus track 'Money' from the 'Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands'(96'). I've been listening to this demo for weeks and still find it hard to put down. Their sound is hard to describe as each song seems to take on a form or style of its own, however incredibly hypnotic drumming and excellent buzzy guitar seem to feature throughout. This tape does have a bang of early 90's of it which in my eyes at leats is a good thing. The first song Box seems almost reminiscint of Therpay? first couple of releases 'Meat Abstract' and 'Babyteeth'. Each song flows quickly along on this quality recording finishing with the Bonus Track which is as anthemic as they come Download it and you won't be disappointed.

download via mediafire


  1. Always thought there was a lot of Husker Du in Pincher Martin - loud guitar songs that were obviously written on acoustic guitar first, then lashed out!!!

  2. does anyone have the unreleased album that might be put here? prob better to ask Gary first. i think Derek has it.

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  4. hi, i recently converted the unrecorded album to mp3. the quality is not that good due to the deterioration af the cassette, i have been trying to track down the dat tape but have been unsuccessful.
    glad to see the early demo up here though - cool!

    we also did a split ep which was realeased in the states - called "the thing that came from dublin", it was pressed on horrible kerry green vinyl - i still have some copies and will send one in.,

    cheers, BigDan (derek from pincher martin)

  5. great stuff.
    would love to get that album. i think you copied me the tape years ago but it got lost at Loserdom headquarters.
    stick it up! and that split ep, do you have any vinyl copies to sell??

  6. This great, love this site. My tape of this demo broke years ago, great to have it again. Any word on the album???

  7. I've posted the single they released on the HiTone label here.

  8. nice one Paul, hope you don't mind me taking it for my blog too :) feel free to grab what you want off this one for yours :)

  9. That's cool, the more people hear this music the better.