Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dismal Abysmals - 'Illegitimate Targets '
Dublin, 1992, Fuckurma, Tape

This is chaos punk, well kind of. Not in the fucking boring, monotonous, fucking generic stuff that the likes of punk core records or whoever puts out, this is pure proper chaos punk, it don’t even sound like any of those bands. This is chaos punk in the manic, sarcastic, fucking pissed off, insane, fucking brain-addled. stressed out, bemused chaos that shines through on bands like the feederz or dead kennedys in some moments. Each song is totally different, fuck they even have bits that sound like GISM vocals. 19 songs with brilliant titles such as, ‘You’re A Wanker‘, ‘Mustshag Sally‘, ‘Me-shelle Suit’ and ‘Art School Wank’, excellent stuff indeed. Thanks to the person who sent this in.


  1. ....I like the diatribe on this!!! - it's definitely the real deal and a far cry from the airbrushed punkcore version - isn't there some manner of masterplan for a follow-up soon???.......

  2. This is great I think. Your A Wanker is a deadly track

  3. fucking nice one man, im slowly putting together a full paranoid visions discog and this is actually them.