Thursday, April 2, 2009


Striknien D.C. - World Cup '94 Tape
Dublin, 1994, Tape

An Unusual one here! Originally meant for release on a 7" but only saw the light of day on tape, these two great tracks - 'You'll Never Beat The Irish' and 'And Ode To Eamon Dunphy' - from the Dublin punk stalwarts.


  1. I've actually never heard this ( apart from blasted over the PA in Mulligan's at the release ) - I downloaded it but I don't think I want to listen to it......

  2. that's cos it is indeed bollix! and purposely so! we had many different kinds of music in the aul cannon, this one being in a punkish thin lizzy meets trad kinda way, just for our own amusement. There was a lot of dodgy world cup singles out at the time, so deko banged out some lyrics and we threw it out there. Don't remember it ever being meant for 7" though. If we were trying to make a few quid, we would've went for cds but lack of interest let it slide. like usual! - Beano - Striknien D.c.

  3. '' i know hes fond of drinkin' and driving when hes pissed, but thats no valid reason to have the cunt dismissed''...thats all i remember from this musical abortion, oh other than i didnt want it released because i hate foot ball, would like to get me hands of a copy though

  4. great single, go on deko, from tommy in clonmel co tipperary