Sunday, April 5, 2009


Global Pillage- First, Last & Only Album
Dublin/Wicklow, 1999/2000, Unreleased?

Not sure if this ever actually came out on cd, think the band may have split before they had a chance to release it (I could be wrong, correct me!). They still have an old website here, this is the last bit of info entered on the site, "Global Pillage are a five piece Punk band from around the Dublin/Wicklow area. They play a mix of old style 80s underground punk. Mostly said to sound like a mix of Dead kennedys/Conflict/ [SUB][HUM][ANZ] Formed in January 1999 they split up before recording when they're first drummer left. Then in June 2000 we started to get back togeather with a new drummer to work towards a recording of our set of songs. We don't think we'll be recording the rest of the tracks so we are calling our soon to be released C.D. "First last & only".

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