Monday, April 6, 2009


Onionbreath - Stink EP
Dublin, 1991, DIY, Casette

First EP by Onionbreath, hpnotic, dark, rockin, punk (that's the best descritpion I can give, it's legend though. Thought I'd copy the first half (second half should appear above) of an excellent bio Boz has put up here "Somewhere north of the green strip of market gardening (when there was such a thing), a bunch of malcontents came together with borrowed equipment and indulged in that common and altogether unremarkable suburban habit - they formed a shoddy punk band.
Inspired by local heroes (as we saw them) Not Our World and a bunch of others home and abroad, some manner of vision was concocted and within 6 weeks we had blagged our way onto a bill in the ubiquitous White Horse Inn (subsequently the Attic, then a shitty living room with a bar in the corner) through our mentors Ogre ... "mentor" in the sense of borrowing everything from PAs to plectrums every time we wanted to do anything!!.
The next year or so saw us buffer the bell-end of local band bills in city centre pubs, playing with Ogre, Sloth, Shred, The GrownUps, Ciunas, The Afflicted... and slightly later... SMH, Mush Flubbah, Arnheim, Jam Jar Jail, Concrete Sox, The Flying Kidney, Crossbreed, Dr Shitface, Stigmatamartyr, Life But How To live It, Pincher Martin, the Mexican Pets, DIRT, Slunk, Flexihead, the Spermbirds!!!... and many more that time has been harsh to the memory of....
Onionbreath rehearsed in a garage, a tiny shed and a bedroom - and subsequently recorded under similar zero budget circumstances - the STINK EP ('91) was laid to tape on a 4 track running through a DCC with programmed drums. About 100 of these were dubbed on a twin tape deck with hand made labels glued to the tape shells. In the tradition of many bands in this genre, the complete lack of traditional musical prowess dictates that you basically start with nothing and while most initial output is disposable, sometimes you accidentally stumble upon that which gives a band it's sound/ personality"...continued above

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  1. heh, nice one dude.
    i found this site while searching for striknien dc stuff (not a lot online :( )
    and when i saw the name onionbreath i thought hey sure i have an old tape of them, just saw the cover and its that tape :D
    saves me digging it out and ripping it now :P

    nice one dude